As brand consultants, one of the questions we are asked frequently is “How do I boost my social media engagement?”

Engagement on social media is the bane of most small business owners lives. How do you build a loyal and active following? How do you increase your followers? How do you increase your reach in general? Well, ohmysocial have put together a few tips and tricks that could help:

  1. Post frequently

Whenever you google ‘how to increase the amount of followers on a business account’, posting frequently will be the tip that comes up most often.

Social media is incredibly fast paced so by posting high quality content consistently, you don’t only keep your existing followers but attract new ones too!

  1. Use hashtags

Hashtags are another fantastic way to increase engagement on your social media platforms. They allows you to associate your content with certain topics, making you more discoverable. This in turn helps you to connect with your potential target audience.

Did you know? – On Instagram you can have up to 30 hashtags in your posts & using them in your captions, comments, Instagram bios and stories gives your account more visibility.

  1. Stay on trend

Staying on trend with topics related to your industry can help you to build a good reputation This is because, by commenting and sharing relevant topics, you appear relatable and newsworthy to your followers.

  1. Share other people’s content

Sharing other people’s content, is a great way of diversifying  your social media feed as relevant information shared with your followers will keep them engaged. This can be done through:

+ Reposting follower content

+ Using influencers to post  (Check out our recent blog post on Influencer Marketing)

+ Guest posting

  1. Run contests and giveaways

Many small business owners have found that running contests and giveaways really increases their engagement and following. This is mainly because, people are always more willing to repost and share content if it means they could win a freebie or discount at the end of it.

  1. Create polls and surveys

Social media polls and surveys give you access to feedback from your followers quickly and makes your brand more adaptable to creating future marketing strategies.

Gaining a following is tough when you are just starting out as a small business, but with a sound social media strategy and dedication, you can reach your content creating goals. If you need help boosting your social media engagement, get in touch with us today.